Hi! If in any of your family tree, or ancestry, projects, you’ve come across a Higdon and wanted to get more information about them, you have come to the right place. 

Whether you’re a school student working on your first ‘ancestor report,’ OR a part-time family history researcher who is trying to find elusive information about someone you already know is in your family, OR a person who is daily searching for more information on your family tree (in other words, a genealogist with some experience), you indeed have come to the right place. 

Those of us Higdons, and those who are related to us Higdons, who make up the Higdon Family Association have amassed a stunning wealth of information about people and places that make up the Higdon family (and quite a few other families). We welcome you to look through our website for information to help you with your search. If you have ‘hit a wall’ in your searching, our newsletter editor would love to publish your question(s) in our every-other-month newsletter to see if any of our members can help you out, and our members would love to meet you and ‘talk shop’ with you in the hospitality room that is a standard part of our annual meetings.

As you meet with, and get to know, us Higdons, and those who are related to us Higdons, and as you progress in your Higdon-related searches, we hope that you will join with us and become part of the Higdon Family Association. 

Yes, Higdons are found all over the United States, with one branch of Higdons living in Canada.

Click on our Higdon Family Association 2018 Annual Meeting in Gettysburg, PA, for more information

This photo image is a small preview of items of interest at our  HFA upcoming Gettysburg Annual Meeting

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