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    MARCH 31, 2015
    Deadline for
    HFA Scholarship


    Higdons, fun, family and knowledge were the order of the day at the 2014 Meeting!
    HFA President Karen Nave Fickes has made a smooth recovery and landing with her plans for our annual meeting. Even with the "Houston we have a problem" of having to find a new venue for the meeting, she came through with flying colors. The Hampton Inn near Dulles Airport was a good place to stay and was near almost any freeway you would need to get somewhere.

    Higdons swooped into the Hampton Inn Suites in Sterling VA, via car, plane and shuttle. The photos below show the various events enjoyed by all. On Thursday, early bird arrivals met and gathered for evening dinner by attending an Irish Bar with good food, good music and a good time in fellowship.

    Thursday Nite at the Irish Pub

    Photo by Janice J. Higdon

    Friday morning started with breakfast in the breakfast bar at the hotel, followed by a gathering of the morning tour group to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center (the Dulles Air/Space Museum) in Chantilly, Virginia. The group divided into car loads and then caravaned to the Museum. Because of the number of Higdons attending, the group was divided into 2 tours with guides. The history behind each of the planes and advances in flying, both military and civilian, was truly eye-opening. Reading about the planes and the events is one knowledge, but seeing in reality of the size and design of the planes is astonishing. Following the tours, both groups went upstairs to the in house McDonald's for lunch.

    Higdons Go Sightseeing

    National Air Museum Dulles
    Photo by Randy Cole

    Higdons Waiting for Tour

    Photo by Randy Cole

    Carolyn Cole and Janice J. Higdon

    Photo by Randy Cole
    Barbara Tedford views the planes

    Photo by Randy Cole

    Group Listens as Randy Clicks Pics

    Photo by Janice J. Higdon

    Group at Stealth Plane

    Photo by Janice J. Higdon

    Listening Group

    Photo by Janice J. Higdon

    HFA Tour Group Listens to Guide

    Photo by Janice J. Higdon

    Lunch at Air-Space Museum McDonald's

    Photo by Janice J. Higdon

    Bill Bautz and Kristin Yokoyama Converse

    Photo by Janice J. Higdon
    Visit to Manassas Battlefield

    After lunch, the tour group moved to the Manassas Battlefield. The battlefield tour center, which has guided tours on the battlefield and a video that explains the events and army movements during the battles. The Higdons toured the battlefield, walking the same ground where the two armies fought. Stone House and the Brawner Farm were part of the walking tour. After the walking tour, everyone went into the Theater to watch the movie about the 2 battles. Actually, it sounds like 4 battles as the South called the Battles, the 1st Manassas and the 2nd Manassas Battles, while the North called the Battles, the 1st Bull Run and the 2nd Bull Run Battles. The North names their battles after rivers and the South names their battles after towns. During the 1st Manassas (Bull Run) both sides thought the battle would be over in minutes and their particular side would win. People came from Washington D.C, in their buggies and on horseback to have picnics on the hill overlooking the battle, and had to pick up and run when the battles became very active.

    Manassas Walking Tour

    Photo by Chuck A. Higdon

    Henry Hill House on Walking Tour

    Photo by Randy Cole

    After the visit to the battlefield, Board Members returned to the hotel for a board meeting and the evening meal was on your own. Serveral people walked or drove (depending on your mobility prowess) to the Holiday Inn down the street that also had an Irish Pub with great food. A goodly number gathered in the Pub and a good time was had by all, followed by a night of slumber.

    Saturday Morning Activity: Annual Business Meeting

    Meeting Leaders
    President: Karen Fickes
    Sec/Treasrer: Janice M. Higdon
    1st Vice Pres: Kristin Yokoyama

    Photo by Janice J. Higdon

    Nominating Committee Report
    delivered by PPres. Jane Brackett

    Photo by Randy Cole

    Historian's Report by Carolyn Cole

    Photo by Randy Cole

    Scholarship Committee Report
    given by Chair Bill Higdon

    Photo by Randy Cole

    Members Listening to Old Business

    Photo by Janice J. Higdon

    More Members at Meeting

    Photo by Janice J. Higdon

    From Left to Right

    Oath Administrator: Charles P. Higdon
    1-Yr. Director: Charles "Chuck" W. Higdon
    3rd Vice President: Faye O. Higdon
    1st Vice President: L. Frank Higdon
    Newsletter Editor: Barbara W. Tedford
    2nd Vice President: Charles "Chuck" A. Higdon
    1-Yr. Director: G. Frank Mayfield
    Incoming Technologist
    Treasurer: Janice M. Higdon
    2-Yr. Director: William "Bill" R. Higdon
    President: Kristin Nave Yokoyama
    Historian: Carolyn Cole
    Nominating Chair: Jane H. Brackett
    Present Technologist: Janice J. Higdon
    Parliamenterian: Karen Nave Fickes

    New Officers for 2014-2015

    Photo by Randy Cole

    2014 Scholarship Winners

    Higdon Scholarship Deadline 2 Months Away

    If you know of a student of Higdon descendants, that is working on an educational program, nominate them for the Higdon Scholarship. The requirements for the nominees are:

    1. Be a descendent of the Higdon family.
    2. Be either a senior in high school, a high school graduate, or a mature student (re-entry/continued education/masters)
    3. Demonstrate high moral character, good citizenship, and the determination to develop your talent.
    The scholarship is $1000.00 sent to the school of the selected scholarship winner(s). Have your student download and fill out the forms.

    Scholarship forms

    To be considered for the Higdon Family Association, Inc. scholarship award, a member of The Higdon Family Association must sponsor you. the following steps must be completed before the deadline of March 31st.
    1. Complete the applications form and activity form.
    2. Leave nothing blank. If a question does not apply, write "NA" in the space.
    3. Complete the application yourself without any assistance from others.
    4. Be honest and realistic in reporting your family's income. Detailed financial report is not required.
    5. Submit three letters of recommendation along with the attached forms. (DO NOT use names of relatives or close personal friends.)
    6. On a separate sheet of paper, write an essay about yourself: your interests, your goals and your accomplishments.The essay is a very important part of your application.
    7. Proof, date and sign your application.
    8. Send these documents:
      • 1. Completed application
      • 2. Activity Record
      • 3. Three reference letters
      • 4. Your essay
      • 5. Up-to-date transcript, or a copy of your high school diploma.
    9. Mail all required document to:
    The Higdon Family Association, Inc.
    Attn: Scholarship Committee
    P.O. Box 315
    Moon, VA 231190-0315
    DEADLINE: MARCH 31 Scholarship information & forms

    If you have pictures or stories of your family or ancestors, please send them to the webmaster to publish on the web. contact webmaster

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