The Empire Reformed - English America in the Age of the Glorious Revolution

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Stanwood, Owen. The Empire Reformed - English America in the Age of the Glorious Revolution. (The University of Philadelphia Press, Philadelphia, PA, 2011) English North American History, Narrative, Maps, Index. 277 pages.

This book is a general history book, and as such, provides background for those who lived at that time, an individual or people who may be ancestors in a genealogy study.

The Empire Reformed, at 277 pages, tells the story of a forgotten revolution in English America - a revolution that created not a new nation but a new kind of transatlantic empire. During the seventeenth century, England’s American colonies were remote, disorganized outposts with reputations for political turmoil. Colonial subjects rebelled against authority with stunning regularity, culminating in uprisings that toppled colonial governments in the wake of England’s “Glorious revolution” in 1688-89. Nonetheless, after this crisis authorities in both England and the colonies successfully rebuilt he empire, providing the cornerstone of the great global power that would conquer much of the continent over the following century.

This printed book is commercially available through most online booksellers, in print as well as digita editionsl.

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