Tyrrell, Gale Higdon, 1996-1997 HFA President

1996-1997 HFA President Gale H. Tyrrell

Gale Higdon Tyrrell is the daugher of Emma Joe Burnett Higdon and Carl Henry Higdon,a descendant of Leonard Higdon. Gale's grandfather was John Reece Higdon from Oklahoma. Her great grandfather was Reese Sebastian "Bass" Higdon, the first postmaster of Higdon Store, Georgia.

Gale attended college for two years and then worked for the telephone company for 5 years. She married Joe Tyrrell and subsequently became a parent of six children. Gale was a stay-at-home mom for seventeen years being involved with the children in their church, school and other activities.

Gale has taught Sunday School and Mission Friends classes and is presently serving as her Church Media Library Director. Gale has served as president and board member of various organizations and is currently serving on the board of the Higdon Family Association.    

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