Documents Collection

Biographies   brief life summaries of people

Genealogies   descent listings of many different lineages of Higdon descendants, some in standard genealogical form, others in narrative

Help Requests   various individual requests for help based on a wide array of contacts

Memorials   action taken to honor a beloved relative

Obituaries   life summaries of those who have died

Records - Legal, Church, Personal, and so on … usually forms filled out in connection with legal actions, church ceremonies, so on, and/or snippets of information from family Bible records, personal letters, holiday newsletters, and so on

Stories of Higdons From the Past   a wide range of stories involving Higdons, or their descendants, usually in an unusual situation

Stories of Higdons Recently in the News    relatively recent stories involving Higdons, or their descendants, in the news

DNA-based Research  articles written by Higdon researchers dealing with DNA-related techniques they employed to assist in their research

If you have a photograph(s) of your Higdon relative(s) and/or any genealogical information on him her, or them, even if it’s just a photograph with a caption, or a genealogical list, or a story about that Higdon, or Higdon descendant, please send that information to us at the Higdon Family Association, through Barbara Tedford, Newsletter Editor,

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