Katie, Jane, and Ted Photograph along with Eight Other Images


This photo shows Winnie on the left, Jane in the middle, and Ted on the right. This photo was added to Uncle Ted’s online memorial because it shows Ted as a young man, dressed in his farm worker garb of a billed-cap, a heavy long sleeve shirt, and a heavy pair of jeans. Ted is obviously happy in this time before his enlistment in the Army in his late teens. Discovering this image among the many images that Bob Higdon sent in was a delight. It shows a happy moment that Ted had with his two favorite little sisters. 

There are other images of Uncle Ted below this first photo image.

The first four images are from the same roll of film. Apparently Ted was dressed up in a rather dapper fashion, probably for a wedding. In the first photo image is of Marion Blair, his wife (or soon to be wife) Sybil and Ted (in formal wear) as they posed on a small bridge in the vicinity of Calvary, Kentucky, just south of Bardstown, Kentucky. As of 6 Dec 2018, Uncle Marion is still alive at the age of 96, the last of his generation of Blairs and Higdons. The second photo image is Ted and Sybil posing off the bridge. The third photo image is Ted ‘goofing off’ posing on the railing of the bridge. The last photo image of this 1st series is Ted standing next to the car he was using that day with Sonny Elder, then a young boy, standing on the hood of another car in the background.

The second four images are from another roll of film. All four images were captured on or near the training camp for desert warfare somewhere in southern California that was Ted’s first post after basic training. The first photo image is Ted standing alone. The second photo image is Ted and probably a buddy of his, name unknown. The third photo image is of Ted in front of one of the tents that was his ‘home’ while in southern California. The last photo image of this 2nd series is Ted, once again, ‘goofing off’ in his ‘shorts.'

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