Flag post-treatment: written report


The 59” H X 117” L is just about 5 feet high by 10 feet long. The folded reinterment flag is much thicker when folded 70 years ago because it was made from linen for burial services and not from the lighter synthetic materials often used today for burials. The display case is sealed with a removable back: this system allows a minor amount air movement which helps to stabilize humidity and helps deflect UV rays.

The Conservation Center was chosen for this restoration and conservation project because they are a national company that has consistently high reviews for previous clients. Considering the man-hours involved in over 9 months of professional cleaning and stabilization, their price at about $1,000 was reasonable for a job of this size and complexity.

The Conservation Center     (800) 250-6919     theconservationcenter.com

400 N. Wolcott Avenue  

Chicago IL 60622   

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