Higdon, Jr., Robert J. “Bobby” - Organized Recovery of Original 'Bill of Rights' Manuscript

As of the last U.S. Census in 2010, there are over 9,000 people living in this country with the family name of Higdon. Those of us who research genealogy, particularly Higdon genealogy, believe that all these Higdon are distant cousins descending from the earliest three colonial Higdons living in Virginia and Maryland in the early 1600s. Bobby Higdon is one of our distant cousins.

Bobby Higdon’s role in the dramatic ‘sting’ recovery of North Carolina’s original ‘Bill of Rights’

Robert J. "Bobby" Higdon (BR)

In his book, LOST RIGHTS: The Misadventures of a Stolen American Relic, David Howard gives an amazingly detailed recounting of the story of the stolen copy of North Carolina’s ‘Bill of Rights,’ and how it was recovered. Howard narrates the journey of the stolen manuscript as it moved from place to place for almost 150 years, along with the stories of the many people who were connected to it. 

The dramatic sting that culminated in the recovery of North Carolina’s original copy of the ‘Bill of Rights’ occurred in a Philadelphia office tower. This 'sting' was run by an FBI task force that included with many other law enforcement agencies from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and the United States. The initial organization of this 'sting' effort was handled by the Criminal Division of the U.S. Attorney General’s Office for Eastern North Carolina under the leadership of Robert J. “Bobby” Higdon, Jr.at right.

In 2017, Bobby Higdon was nominated, confirmed, and is currently serving as the United States Attorney for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina. A more complete overview of Bobby Higdon’s legal career may be found here: Biography at U.S. Attorney’s Office.

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