Higdon, Jessie - Winning Newspaper Essay, Feb. 24, 1927

Jessie Higdon, Feb 24th 1927, prize-winning essay

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Winning Essays in the Building and Loan Essay Contest on the Subject: “How I Can Use the Building and Loan to Pay For a College Education.

Fourth Prize Winner


As the best and most influential people today are those who have college education, the boy or girl who wishes to be successful in life must plan to get as much schooling as possible. For the average young person this means: I must save money or I cannot succeed. Only a few parents are rich enough to furnish all the money which their children will need while securing their training for life, so the children themselves must begin planning and saving for the time when they will be in college. 

One of the best ways to earn money in Macon county is by raising poultry I can do this at home without much trouble or expense. When the chicks are large enough to be used for food, I can find at Franklin a market ready for all I have to sell. A large part of the money which I get will be profit, sos next come the question of how to save the money. The Building and Loan Association at Franklin was organized of the very purpose of helping people to save their money. I shall deposit my money with this organization because it will be safer that it would be if locked up in a steel safe. The money which I deposit will be a good investment because without danger of the principal’s being lo(st), it will bring a nice profit in the way of interest, and at the same time it will be helping people to build homes in Macon county. The regular deposits of money required in the building and loan plan will teach me valuable lessons in economy and thrift while I am getting ready for other lessons in college.

And I believe that a person who secures an education in this way will feel more independent and will be more certain to succeed that are persons who have their expenses paid by others.

Jack Moore, a descendant of William Huffman Higdon, found this newspaper clipping from the Feb. 24, 1927, issue of the Franklin Press, Franklin, NC.  Jack continues to send us items from his research on this Higdon line. We appreciate it.

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