The Higdon Family Association, Inc. established this scholarship program to help descendants of the Higdon family pursue their personal educational goals.

The deadline for applying is March 31 of each year.  You have to be sponsored by a current member of The Higdon Family Association, Inc.

To be eligible for the HFA Scholarship you have to:

  1. Be a descendant of the Higdon family.
  2. Be either a senior in high school, a high school graduate, or a mature student (re-entry / continuing education / masters / etc.)
  3. Demonstrate good character, good citizenship, and the determination to develop your talent.

Instructions and application forms are in the following three (3) files for you to download to your computer.

Some browsers will download the file and automatically open it; some browsers will ask you to save or open it. If you experience any difficulty downloading the three .pdf files below, please contact our web-guy at: frank@black-sweater-art.com

   0HFA Scholarship Instructions (Adobe PDF format)

   1HFA Scholarship Application (Adobe PDF format)

   2HFA Activity Record (Adobe PDF format) 

Please direct any and all questions about the scholarship application process to:

William R. "Bill" Higdon, Scholarship Committee Chairperson at: b.higdon2343@gmail.com

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