Side Trip - An Original Piece of Braddock’s Road, the Precursor to the Old National Pike


A segment of Braddock’s Road, about an eighth of a mile north of the MD/PA state line just off the Old National Pike, clearly marked as an original piece of Braddock’s Road that was not disturbed because the National Road decided to go around the end of this small hill, whereas Braddock's Road went right up and over this small hill. This section of Braddock's Road was given a thin cover of asphalt mixed with pebbles to stop erosion initially in the late 1810s. A person standing here sees a section of the pathway, now a roadway, that was used by George Washington in 1755 when he was an aide to General Braddock, and that was used by the early Maryland Catholic migrants to Kentucke, Higdons among them. Please note the ridges that they still had to cross in the distance. 

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