The Calvert Marine Museum

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The Calvert Marine Museum at 14200 Solomon’s Island Road, Solomons, MD 20688   (410)326-2042 is located about two blocks south of the Holiday Inn where we are staying.

The Museum features both indoor and outdoor exhibits, covers a wide range of Chesapeake regional history, including Patuxant Indian culture, the War of 1812, the local fishing industry, and of course, Miocene marine fossils. 

The paleontology gallery, called Treasures from Our Cliffs, is done well and is surprisingly high in production value. Starting with an extensive entry gallery that places Chesapeake area fossils in a global context, the exhibit also includes fossils of seals, whales, invertebrates and assorted terrestrial mammals, plus a recreation of a cliff-side excavation.

The museum also features several live aquatic exhibits including an outdoor habitat for the North American river otter, and indoor aquarium exhibits for the sting ray, skates, and numerous other species native to the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.

My brother-in-law Tom says the outdoor exhibitions are easy to walk, and the indoor exhibitions are just right, enough words to be interesting, but not an encyclopedia.

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