1994 Oak Ridge, TN

Minutes of the 1994 HFA Business Meeting

October 8, 1994
Oak Ridge, Tennessee

The annual Business Meeting of the Higdon Family Association, Inc., was called to order at 9:00 AM October 8, 1994, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, by the 1993-94 HFA President Charles P. Higdon. Dean Higdon lead the members in prayer. Teresa Atkins presented the American flag, lead the members in the American Pledge of Allegation and presented the Canadian flag. In keeping with our theme of Hug-A -Higdon, Helen Allison shared with us an inspirational reading.

The 1993-94 HFA officers were introduced by HFA President Charles P. Higdon. Minutes from the 1993 Business Meeting were read were by Secretary Lisa Atkins. Charles P. Higdon recognized that our 1995 meeting will be held September 7 thru 10, in Asheville, North Carolina and will coincide with the William Hoffman Higdon Family Reunion. Our 1994-95 HFA President is Wanda Jackson. Additionally, our 1996 meeting will be held in Sacramento, California, at the Holiday Inn and lead by 1995-96 HFA President Gale Tyrrell. Gale stated that tours of the Old Railroad Museum were being planned.

Ethel Currie presented the auditor’s and treasurer’s reports to the members. As of October 1993, the treasury had $6,873.00, and as of September 1994, the treasury had $6234.62. Ethel Currie made motion to accept the treasurer’s report, Charles E. Higdon seconded and it passed. No copies of the treasurer’s report were available at the time of the meeting for the members.

Charles P. Higdon introduced the subject of Mrs. Lucy Coone’s passing, the subject of her willing the rights to Frank Higdon and that Frank wishes to transfer the rights to the association. Charles suggested that a committee be formed to address the needed revision of Mrs. Coone’s book. Eva Wood made motion to form a committee, Nancy Higdon seconded and it passed. Dain Higdon suggested that Lisa Atkins and JoAnn Smith be part of the committee. Jessie Wilkie was suggested by Eva Wood. Helen Allison suggested Charles E. Higdon. Rosemary Dawood was suggested by her brother. Dean Higdon made motion to accept nominees, seconded by Charles P. Higdon and it passed.

Charles P. Higdon introduced the subject of a need for a new Editor for the HFA Newsletter. Charles requested suggestions. Charles presented the Board’s recommendations of:

  • $500.00 advance to eliminate out of pocket expenses
  • reduce publication to quarterly based on increased postage costs and need for more time to organize the Newsletter.

Eva Wood recognized Bonnie Atkins for her hard work as our current Editor and suggested the association applaud her effort. JoAnn Smith suggested possibly reducing the publication to every other month. JoAnn pointed out the difficulties in production and assemblage of newsletters. The members discussed these points, but were unable to agree to reduce the frequency of publication. No new editor was found during the meeting. (Note: Following the meeting, Wanda Jackson volunteered to become the editor.)

Nominating Committee presented their nominations for the new officers. The nominees for the new officers are:

  • 3rd Vice President Eugene Smith
  • 2-year Director WaIly Higdon
  • 2-year Director Thomas Higdon

Eva Wood made motion to accept the nominees by acclamation. The motion passed. The office of Secretary would be appointed by the 1994-95 President (Judy Higdon was later appointed).

From the membership committee, Eva Wood stated that there were no new members. Eva reported that the committee needed volunteers. She discussed the committee’s plan to increase membership by mailing letters to all Higdons listed in this book she had. She read the form letter. Eva then asked for volunteers to take a state. The following members took states:


Regina Washburn & Francis Smith: Alabama

Lisa Atkins: Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois

JoAnn Smith: Arkansas

Carl Higdon: California

Helen Allison: Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia,

Nancy Higdon: Florida, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin

Jane Higdon: Georgia

Wanda Jackson: Indiana, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada New York, New Jersey

Judy Wallace: Iowa, Kansas

Eugene Smith: Kentucky

Jessie Wilkie: Louisanna

Jim & Margaret: Maryland, Maine

Teresa Atkins: Massachusetts

Carol Tyrrell: Missouri

Dean Higdon: Minnesota, Mississippi

Eva Wood: North Carolina

Ruth: Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Pennsylvania

Charles E. Higdon: Tennessee

Dain Higdon: Texas

Ethel Currie: Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain

Dain Higdon suggested that the fees should be increased to increase the funds in our treasury. Charles E. Higdon suggested adding Frank Higdon to the Membership Committee. Helen Allison suggested adding future meetings. Ethel made motion to accept the Membership Committee report, Helen seconded and it passed.

From the Scholarship Committee, Carol Tyrrell read the draft form for the scholarship application. Charles P. Higdon presented the Board’s recommendation concerning the application and process. The association discussed and passed the following changes to the application:

  • Eliminate requirement for being a senior in high school or undergraduate level college student ( #2 under Eligible Student)
  • Require that applicant be sponsored by a member of HFA
  • Eliminate family income requirement (#4 under Instruction for Application
  • Provide a picture
  • Eliminate requirement for form to be completed in your own handwriting (#3 under (Instruction for Application)
  • Decrease references from three to one (preferably a HFA member) and delete phrase ‘Do not use names of relatives or close personal friends’.

Charles E. Higdon made motion for the Treasurer to establish an HFA Foundation to qualify as a tax free organization. Garland Hunt seconded and it passed. Regina Washburn made motion to accept all these changes and the members voted and accepted changes. The Scholarship Committee was commended on their work drafting these guidelines.

Charles P. Higdon opened the floor for New Business. Charles noted that T-shirts were still available. Charles reminded everyone to please register and pick up their tickets for the banquet.

Charles E. Higdon mentioned the passing of Bonnie Higdon Reeves and the scholarships established in her memory. He noted that 12-15 scholarships of $200.00 to $300.00 were awarded quarterly. Rachel Higdon noted those scholarship recipients.

Charles P. Higdon announced that the scheduled tour would begin at 1:45PM and that the new Board would meet immediately following the close of the Business Meeting.

The Necrologist, Jessie Higdon Wilkie sadly reported the passing of several Higdons and friends: Frederick Corbin of Franklin, NC; Lester D Higdon, Knoxville, TN. who was the longest surviving heart transplant patient - 9 years; Jeanie Higdon Luekett, Belzoni, MS; Betty Higdon Matalon, Chicago, IL; Margaretta Maude Zimmerman, Vancouver, WA; Lucille Barco Coone, Gainesville, FL.

JoAnn Smith noted display of books, Jessie’s book and coat of arms, display of 99th annual William Hoffman Higdon reunion photos and map of area.

Dain Higdon inquired about Darren Higdon.

Alvin Higdon mentioned that Etta Mae Higdon Smith died in November of 1993, in Jay, Florida.

Helen Allison wanted to recognize the accomplishments of Eva Wood’s sons (August 1994 HFA Newsletter, page 3).

Charles E. Higdon wanted to recognize Bill Higdon for his environmental work and accomplishments. Carl Higdon announced the recent birth of his great-grandchild, Autumn Lynn.

Garland Hunt announced the birth of his new granddaughter, his 12th, Lucie Elizabeth Hunt born November 2, 1993. Her parents are Brian and Mary Hunt in Tyler, Texas.

Jean Higdon reported on Thelma Fitzwater, who will be 93 years old on November 2, 1994. Jean also mentioned her daughter who was ill and in need of our prayers.

Rachel Higdon gave greetings from Fred Goodfrey. She also reported on her granddaughter’s impending wedding.

Charles P. Higdon announced that there would be church services the next morning.

Charles inquired if there was any more new business.

He then adjourned the meeting. 

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