1998 San Antonio, TX

Minutes of the 1998 HFA Business Meeting

June 10, 1998
San Antonio, Texas


Meeting was called to order at 2:30 PM by Barbara Higdon, President, and was opened with a prayer by Jean Higdon, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence for the Canadian member, Ethel Currie.


Jean Higdon read the minutes. Frank B. Higdon moved for acceptance with Ethel Currie seconding and after corrections involving spelling of Mrs. Coone’s name and the town of Bardstown, KY, clarification of the rotation of annual meeting between summer and fall, and statement that Frank Higdon of Texas was made a Director for one year, not two years, replacing William R. Higdon, the minutes were approved.


Frank B. Higdon submitted a financial statement which reported cash in bank on June 30, 1997 was $3,022, receipts from dues were $3,940 less the July 1997 annual meeting expenses of $288, resulting in a balance of $6,674. Expenses for the year were $623 for the newsletter, $64 for postage, $34 for a “Dues Increase” stamp and for bank charges, and $28 for the plaque for the outgoing President, all totaling $749. Cash on hand June 30 1998 was $5,925. A separate report for the Annual Meeting, July 11 to 13, 1997 at Nashville, TN, showed a registration income of $2,140 for 53 adults at $35 each, 5 children at $12 each and 10 meals at $22.50 each. Expenses were $368 for the reception, $1,631 for the banquet, and $429 for other expenses, all totaling $2,428, resulting a shortfall of $288 reimbursed to Wally Higdon. After discussion concerning whether Association funds should be used for annual meetings, the rising costs of holding annual meetings, the increase of membership dues resulting in a surplus of funds, it was concluded that a $288 shortfall in last year’s meeting was reasonable. Janice J. Higdon pointed out we all need to work toward to increase attendance to generate sufficient income to cover costs. Eva H. Wood moved to approve the report, Helen H. Allison seconded the motion and the report was approved by the members.


Charles E. Higdon reported that there was nothing to report.


Frank B. Higdon provided a report from the Burke & Herbert Bank and Trust Company, Alexandria, VA, dated 17 June 1898, showing a current balance of $5,925.10.


Frank B. Higdon reported the Association has a current membership of 209, the largest ever. After the dues increase, six old members were lost, but eight new members paid dues. Several members are three or four months behind in payment of dues. Frank B. Higdon provided a copy of a letter from Geoffrey R. Higdon of Ipswic, Suffolk, England, who expressed interest in joining the Higdon Family Association and has been provided information on joining.


Helen H. Allison reported the deaths of three Higdons since the last meeting: Carl H. Higdon, Dain Higdon, and Ruby Smith Higdon. Helen Allison and Charles E. Higdon praised the contributions of Carl H. Higdon and Dain Higdon and their spouses to the Higdon Family Association. Charles E. Higdon made a motion to dedicate this meeting to the deceased and the motion was seconded by Helen Allison and passed.


Charles P. Higdon reported that Paul Brown of Tulsa, OK has agreed to serve as the 3rd Vice-President for the year of 2001. Ethel Currie has stepped down as 2nd Vice-President and has agreed to serve as a two year Director. Rosemary Smith Dawood has agreed to serve as secretary for a one year term and Frank B. Higdon has agreed to continue to serve as treasurer. Eva H. Wood moved to accept the slate of officers. It was seconded by Janice J. Higdon and passed by membership.


Frank B. Higdon reported that a letter had been sent to all past Presidents of the Association and two did not reply. Nina Higdon has already received her plaque, according to Helen Allison, and James Dean Higdon is now deceased. All other past Presidents have received their plaques. Three remaining plaques need to be purchased for Carl H. Higdon, James E. Higdon and (third person not named). Wally Higdon purchased this year’s plaque for Barbara Higdon. Frank B. Higdon will buy next year’s plaque and bring it to the meeting in Bardstown, KY.


Helen H. Allison will drive to Bardstown, KY and will bring the book of history. She needs the minutes of meeting from the secretary.


Mary Ann Nickell, the current editor, was not present at this meeting, but indicated she would like to step down. Janice J. Higdon who volunteered to serve as editor discussed her plans for the HFA Newsletter. She will be seeking address information, including e-mail addresses, the beginning of a family tree for each member and Higdon information for the newsletter.


Charles E. Higdon reported he has checked with a CPA, lawyer and former IRS employee and has been informed that a foundation is not needed as long as membership dues and contributions used for scholarships is less than $1,000 per student. It is necessary, however, to set up a Scholarship Committee. It was pointed out that such a committee was set up three years ago with the selection of Carol H. Tyrrell, Gayle H. Tyrrell, Dain Higdon, now deceased, and James D. Higdon, also deceased. Eva H. Wood’s motion that the President appoint two new members to replace the deceased members with Carol Tyrrell and Gayle Tyrrell serving as co-chair. It was seconded by Charles E. Higdon and passed.

Frank B. Higdon said money is needed before scholarships can be granted. The Association is a tax free North Carolina Corporation with a tax ID number and can receive contributions and be named in Wills. There was a discussion concerning the need for guidelines for scholarships and it was pointed out these guidelines were published in the September 1998 Newsletter. Helen Allison suggested an endowment from which the interest would be used for scholarships. Suggestions for raising money for scholarships included member contributions so earmarked and the auctioning of door prizes with receipts going toward the fund. Janice J. Higdon moved that contributions made and money received for the Scholarship Fund be so designated and deposited into the current account until the amount reaches $10,000 at which time a separate interest bearing account can be established with the interest being used for scholarships. Ernest Higdon seconded the motion and it passed.


Frank B. Higdon reported that Mrs. Coone, before she died, agreed to give the Association the Higdon data for her book which was being revised. In her Will, she left the material to the Higdon Family Association to be delivered to Frank B. Higdon personally. Frank B. Higdon made a trip to Gainesville, Florida, to pick up the material which has been delivered to Jo Ann Smith who will edit the material with the assistance of Lisa Adkins for republication. Carl Trim of Midland, TX, said his family line and that of Charles Wheeler, who descend from Elizabeth J. Higdon, are not in the first edition. Frank B. Higdon suggested they and others omitted should send their lines to Jo Ann Higdon.


There was a discussion concerning the 25th anniversary of the Higdon Family Association in 2001 and the suggested appointment of a committee to plan this anniversary for the Tulsa, OK meeting. Janice J. Higdon suggestion the President responsible for the Tulsa, OK meeting avail himself of the knowledge of the Association’s history from charter members.

Eva H. Wood read the minutes from the June 19, 1998, Board meeting and gave them to the incoming secretary.

Frank B. Higdon reminded the membership that two of the original members approved to sign checks are now deceased, and that only he and his daughter are on the signature cards from the bank. Ernest Higdon moved that Frank B. Higdon select two persons to replace the deceased members. Ethel Currie seconded the motion and it passed.

President Barbara Higdon read a letter from Jessie H. Wilke, recommending the Newsletter be published every two months.

President Barbara Higdon read a letter from Gena Lee Theiss of Louisville, KY, who reported she is publishing a book on Grayson Co., KY, Higdons, and he needs information from members.

Charles E. Higdon alerted members about mailings from Hugh Higdon of Ohio about his book on Higdons. It appears to be a list of names, addresses and telephone numbers from a database.

Helen H. Allison reminded members to send information concerning Higdon births, marriages and deaths to the HFA Newsletter. Modine Stuart, born 1910, and the oldest member present at the annual meeting, was recognized. Nan Harrison announced the birth of her grandchild, Forest Harrison Long.

The meeting was turned over to the incoming president, Eugene Smith, who selected committee members. He asked all current committee members if they would continue to serve. The following will serve:

Constitution and By-laws: Charles E. Higdon

Historian: Helen Higdon Allison

Newsletter: Janice J. Higdon

Finance and Audit: Frank B. Higdon

Membership: Gayle H. Tyrrell, Janice J. Higdon, Carl Trim

Necrology: Regina H. Washburn

Plaque: Frank B. Higdon (After next year, past President will be responsible for the plaques.)

Nominating: Wally Higdon, Frances Smith, Nan H. Harrison

Higdon Foundation: (No longer needed)

Scholarship: Gayle H. Tyrrell, Carol H. Tyrrell, Helen H. Allison, Charles E. Higdon


President Barbara Higdon adjourned the meeting at 4:00 PM.

Rosemary Smith Dawood

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