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Membership in the Higdon Family Association is open to anyone who wishes “to unite those persons with an interest in the history and genealogy of the Higdon family; to encourage Higdons and Higdon descendants to develop an interest in and educate themselves in their family heritage; to assemble and publish a source of genealogical, historical, and educational material for use by the members of this Association in their furtherance of the history and genealogy of the Higdon family.” (Section 1, HFA Bylaws)

What are the benefits of joining the HFA:

Newsletter: A newsletter, chock-full of information and pictures, is mailed six times a year to HFA members.

Family research: We will assist you in learning more about how to research our family history, and determine ways to share your findings with others in your immediate family, and in your extended family (many of whom belong to our Association).

Friendship: It’s easy to make friends when you already have a common bond, researching your Higdon family history.

Interesting places to visit: Since our organizational meeting in 1975, the HFA has met in 24 different towns and cities throughout the United States.

Diversity of activities: So far at our annual meetings, we’ve toured the Alamo, lunched at a Mexican market, seen My Old Kentucky Home, visited a bourbon distillery, and spent a day at the Naval Museum of Aviation, to name a few. If the pace is too lively, there are always alternative activities, such as our hospitality room, where there are folks who want to spend time just getting to know you.

Voting privileges: Members vote on matters presented to our HFA at the yearly business meeting at our HFA Annual Meetings. Of course, members also are eligible to hold elected or volunteer positions in our HFA leadership.

Opportunities to serve: In an organization of this size, your help is always appreciated whether it’s for a few hours or for a whole year.

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