Before there was a formal, legal Higdon Family Association, Inc., there was a Higdon Family Newsletter. The newsletter was created by Jo Ann Smith and the initial issue was mailed out in January, 1972. A little over three years later, The Higdon Family Newsletter called for a meeting in late August, 1975 of interested Higdon family members to take place in Franklin, NC. From that meeting, the Higdon Family Association, Inc. was established and has been meeting once-a-year, usually in or around summer or fall of the year. Go to Origins of HFA for more information on the beginnings of our association. 

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In 1999, at the annual HFA Meeting, those in attendance at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Bardstown, KY agreed that, “Goals for the year are to put together a web site for the Association, … .”  General comments at that meeting acknowledged that there was a good deal of information on genealogical research into the Higdon Family, but that most of this information was not readily available. Even today, the most easily accessible printed material on Higdon genealogy is still our HFA Newsletter. Our HFA website was created as an adjunct to our HFA newsletter, and serves today to make available for internet searches much of the genealogical information that the Higdon Family Association has accumulated.

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