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This headstone is also legible, but damaged. It may be associated with the base that it is leaning against. This tombstone indicates the burial of -  Jane Colli_gs (Collings?), Born Feb 12, 1774, Died Jan 8, 1867 - at around age 93. This Jane was born 2 years prior to the American Revolution. The revolution began in 1976, the fighting had all but stopped by 1781, and the treaty of Paris, establishing the new United States of America, was signed in 1783. What little was left of the native Americans (Indians) signed a peace treaty with Virginia in 1792, and they voluntarily withdrew from most of the Ohio river valley by 1795. If this Jane was among the first large groups of east coast European settlers to move into Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, and southern Illinois, she would have been around 21 years of age. This Jane, unmarried, could have traveled with her family of origin, OR this Jane, married, could have travelled with her husband’s family, and any children they may have had by this time in their life. In either case, she most definitely would have traveled with a group of like-minded settlers to the Ohio valley, and she would have travelled on foot, with horses and mules used as pack animals.

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