Headstone Mystery in Bardstown, KY

John son of PVN Higdon Born May 6 1843(?) Died Sept 1 1844Nancy Higdon wife of Philip Born May 1807 Died July 11 1851.02

Headstone Mystery in Bardstown, Kentucky

Two Higdon headstones were located in the pioneer cemetery (1785 - 1856) of Nelson County on a walking tour of Bardstown, Kentucky at our HFA Annual Meeting in 1999

The headstone at leftJohn, son of PVN Higdon, born May 6 1843(?), died Sept 1 1844

The headstone at rightNancy Higdon, wife of Philip, born May 1807, died July 11 1851

Did anyone link these two people to their Higdon family ancestors? If so, please share the information with us.

The photographs and information above were sent in by Nancy Higdon of Tennessee. 

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