Higdon Gristmill in Macon County, NC

Jack Moore, a descendant of William Huffman Higdon, shares a favorite photo from his research on his Higdon line. The Higdon gristmill was located on what is now Ellijay Road in Macon County, North Carolina. Jack is not sure of a date for this photo, but he can just recall seeing some remains of it when he was very young. His aunt Grace Higdon Fulton tells him that she remembers swimming in the pond above the mill.  

When he shared the photo with cousin Pat Hoyt in Arizona in October of 2000, her mother Katherine "Kate" Higdon Hoyt (b. May 28, 1905; d. Sept. 14, 2001) was still living. Cousin Pat wrote, "You made her cry!" But what made her cry with happiness was the picture of the Higdon gristmill. Kate said that it took her back to her childhood and family, and all the places that she loved so much. Katherine Pauline Higdon and Philip Spear Hoyt moved from Macon County in the late 1930s.

Jessie Higdon Wilkie tells us in her book Descendants of Joseph Huffman Higdon that the mill, operated by William Huffman Higdon's fourth son Joshua (b. November 1, 1850; d. April 23, 1911), was used for grinding corn, wheat, and other grains. The mill served the community of Higdonville "for many years after the builders and the original miller were gone." A news article from The Franklin Press dated March 30, 1950 states that "Monday’s windstorm destroyed the old Major Higdon Mill.” 

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