Higdon, MO - Alive and Well

Photo courtesy of Wil Higdon

Higdon Christian Church at Higdon, Missouri

The letters that run throughout past issues of the Higdon Family Newsletter continue to lead us to interesting places and people.

In the Higdon Family Newsletter, March 1972, No. 3, page 5, we read that Mrs. Edson P. Burch visited Higdon, Mo., in 1969 and obtained the following information from the cemetery:

  • Charles H. Higdon (1 Sept 1876 - 18 June 1950)
  • and his wife Mary M. Higdon (6 June 1883 - )
  • Nancy A. Higdon (1 June 1839 - 14 July 1933)
  • Captain W. H. Higdon ( 28 Jan 1839 - 27 Nov 1919)
  • Mary Octa Higdon, daughter of W. H. and N. A. Higdon (5 Apr 1874 - 8 Nov 1894)

On page 1 of the  Higdon Family Newsletter, August 1972, No. 7, "Mrs. Nolan Whipkey of Pierre, S.D., asks about Mrs. Burch's reference to Higdon, Mo. in the March newsletter. She would like to know where Higdon, Mo. is located or was Mrs. Burch referring to Higbee, Mo.?"

The response from Hilma Nath of Hallsville, Missouri appears in in the same issue. She writes: "Lawrence Higdon of Higdon, Mo. is my third cousin. I grew up in the Higdon community. Our grandfathers were brothers and both are buried in the Higdon Chapel Cemetary. They helped organize and build the Higdon Chapel in the 1880s. That building has been torn down and a new one built. In my recollection, there were two churches (Christian and Methodist), a store, school, and a blacksmith shop there. Now all that remains is the Christian Church...Fredericktown is the school and post office now. "

In 2003, Nancy Higdon (HFA Web Page Designer) searched for references on the internet to Higdon, Missouri, of which many were found. One listing was for Mt. Gilead Methodist Episcopal Cemetery in the Higdon community in Madison County. Another listing shows that Higdon, Missouri had a post office from 1895-1942. However, the most interesting listing that she discovered was by Wil Higdon of North Carolina. His web page for Higdon, Missouri includes the photograph shown above of the Higdon Christian Church taken in 2002 and a headstone for Dr. John M. Higdon (June 17, 1826 - June 29, 1909). One of Wil's hobbies is to explore places named Higdon. You should visit his web site to read more about these journeys and his visits with people named Higdon.

Click here for more information on Higdons in Madison County, MO.

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