Leonard Higdon & Mary Ann McClure, extracted image


In this comparison, you see the final two figures completely extracted from the background of the original image; these two figures with an oval bottom now become the foreground for the black & white part of the composite image that will be created in the final restoration. Please note the wisp of pixels that jut out from Mary Ann’s left ear in the image above to the left. Then look at her left ear in the above image to the right, it’s no longer there. The beard of Leonard  is starting to go gray in his chin area. It also seems to be going gray around his lower neck. Just by removing the background image around Leonard’s hair and shoulders, the image becomes more clear. Leonard at a time long previous to this image decided to get a haircut, then he decided to let his beard grow out untrimmed for a long time after that. Gray hair on a man’s head typically starts around the neck and fills in upward over time to the top of a man’s head, if he has not already gone bald on top. 

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