Upcoming HFA Meetings

Typically our HFA Annual Meetings occur some time in the late summer to early fall for that year. For those who do not live near the HFA Meeting site for that year, we typically stay in a convenient, nearby inn, motel, or hotel for lodging, business, and banquet.

We usually begin our 2 1/2 day meeting with some type of evening 'meet & greet' for newcomers as well as veteran members. Activities this first evening are informal, usually involving the itinerary for the meeting’s outings, collection of fees for optional tours and/or activities, and planning for ‘on your own’ meals, etc., for the next two days.

On our middle day we usually have one, or several, tours of the local points of interest set up for members to participate in. Some tours are a half-day, some last most of the day. Friday evening dining is ‘on you own.’

Our official Business Meeting is usually held in the late morning on the last day. When our morning meeting is done, you are ‘on your own’ for lunch and afternoon activities. On the evening of the last day, we enjoy a dinner banquet together. Ocassionaly there may entertainment: some years we’ve had storytellers regaling us with local folklore, some years we have a more formal presentation of local history or other points of interest, some years we’ve had live music for listening, other years we’ve had live music for dancing, and sometimes we just sit around and talk. It’s a nice way to end our brief Higdon Family get-together.

Of course this is a general overview of our HFA Annual Meetings. Details may change due to where in general we are meeting, small towns, large cities, etc., and where specifically we are meeting in terms of inns, motels, or hotels.

For specific details of our upcoming annual meeting, or to assist you if you already have plans to attend, 

go to: -> 2019 HFA Annual Meeting in Historic St. Mary’s City, Maryland, focusing on John & Millicent Higdon

below This is the interior of the Brick Chapel of 1667 at Historic St. Mary’s City, Maryland. John Higdon, b. 1657, was 10 years old the first time this chapel was built. 15 years later, John would testify at the trial of Jacob Young, at the other end of this small town.

inside brick chapel of 1667

Upcoming Local & Regional Reunions

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