Colonial Higdons and Some of Their Descendants

Coone, Lucille B. Colonial Higdons and Some of Their Descendants. Commissioned by Dr. Robert Sexton Higdon (1976, Revised and Reprinted Manassas, VA. 1978) Charts, Index. 167 pages.

According to Coone, three Higdons, John, Richard, and Daniel appeared in the records of Virginia and Maryland in the middle of the seventeenth century. This 167-page spiral bound book provides the descendants of Richard, John, and Daniel Higdon a boost towards finding their ancestors and gives the reader a wonderful glimpse of life in colonial America. 

Even in used condition, this book is usually unavailable at most online booksellers. There is no digital edition. There is no free online digital edition. There are about 21 U.S. public libraries who carry this book, and one copy of this book is on permanent reserve from the Higdon Family Collection in the Special Collections Department of Hunter Library at Western Carolina University, 176 Central Drive, Cullowhee, NC; 828/227-7485 or toll-free 866/928-5424. 

HOWEVER, reprints of this book made in 2014 are available for purchase from the Higdon Family Association (for $45), see box below:

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