Allison, Helen H., 1981-1982 HFA President

1981-1982 HFA President Helen H. Allison

Helen Higdon Allison is the daughter of Ethel and Dennis Cleveland Higdon. Helen's great grandfathers were brothers making her a "double" Higdon. Helen married Claude Howard Allison. She traces her ancestry to Leonard Higdon, born about 1754, in Anson County, North Carolina.

Helen graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in home economics. She worked as a home demonstration agent for several years in Henderson County and Swain County, North Carolina. Helen received a master's degree from Western Carolina University. After teaching for a few years, Helen became a guidance counselor in the Charlotte, North Carolina school systems, and she continued updating her education. She received a fellowship from the University of Louisville in Kentucky and a Certification in Administration from Western Carolina University. Helen has served as the president of many civic and professional organizations. She was the Historian for The Higdon Family Association from 1989 through October, 2001.    

To read more about Helen, click on her obituary.

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