Higdon, Carl H., 1991-1992 HFA President

Carl H HIgdon

Carl H. Higdon is the son of John Reece and Margaret Higdon. He was the sixth of nine children. Carl's grandfather was Reese Sebastian "Bass" Higdon who was the first postmaster of Higdon Store, Georgia; later Bass and his wife Nora Fain move to Green County, Oklahoma where they farmed in the 1890s. Carl's great-grandfather was Leonard Higdon who was sheriff of Fannin County, Georgia and owned the Higdon General Store.

Carl worked at various jobs before he moved to Los Angeles with his brother Walter Higdon. After three years in L.A., he returned to Oklahoma and married Emma Joe. Eventually Carl and Emma Joe moved to California. Carl was working as an apprentice electrician when World War II started; he was recruited in the shipyards as a marine electrician. He spent two years in night school learning his trade. In 1945, the Navy drafted Carl as a Chief Electrician. Figuring his allotment for a wife and four girls, the Navy sent him home after only three days.

Family was very important to Carl; he took great pride in being a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Carl always expressed enjoyment about being a member of The Higdon Family Association.   

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