Higdon, Darrin L., 1982-1983 HFA President

1982-1983 HFA President Darrin L. Higdon

Darrin L. Higdon is the son of Mary and George Washington Higdon. Darrin's ancestor is James Blackburn Higdon, born May 6, 1824 in Marion County, Tennessee and died August 17, 1884 in Higdon, Alabama. Darrin's wife is Mary.                                              

Darrin attended Ohio Wesleyan and the Delahanty Institute, a technical school, in New York City. He is president of the Higdon Elevator Company, which was founded by his father. Darrin's first job at the elevator company was as a shop helper. As opportunities arose, Darrin worked at various tasks that provided him with a thorough understanding of the elevator business. One of Darrin’s hobbies is genealogy. 

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