Hodges, Linnie Jane Higdon - An Early Higdon Genealogist

Linnie Jane Higdon HodgesLeft to right- Mary E. Higdon, Leonard Higdon, Linnie Higdon Hodges, Mary Long, Jack Hammock. copy

The photograph at left is Linne Jane Higdon Hodges (Mrs. C. N. Hodges) as pictured in one of her passports as that she used to go on one of her overseas trips with her husband. The photograph at right is reprinted from Higdon Family Newsletter, #221, May 1990. From left: Mary E. Higdon, Leonard Higdon, Linnie Higdon Hodges, Mary Long, Jack Hammock.

This same newsletter reads:

Bonnie Higdon Reaves sent these pictures which she said were made in 1913 by Linnie Higdon Hodges and her husband Newton Hodges. Bonnie says, "They had just completed a honeymoon trip around the world and stopped by to see us on their way back to Texas. It was November and Grandma (Mary Ann McClure) was very ill. She died a few days later. The pictures were taken in front of Grandpa’s house.”

Jo Ann Smith, longtime HFA Newsletter Editor, writes about Linnie Higdon Hodges:

"The late Linnie Jane Hodges did so much to get many people interested in genealogy. She was born 1 April 1885 in Quinlan, Texas, daughter of Nimrod Higdon (24 July 1854 - 26 Jan 1926) and his wife Lou Gaston Higdon. (Nimrod was born in Fannin County, Ga.) Linnie married C. N. Hodges of Quinlan, Texas, and they went to the Philippine Islands, where they developed successful business enterprises. At some point, Linnie became interested in the family history and hired a man in Baltimore, Maryland, to research her Higdon line. This put Linnie in touch with many other Higdons, as the research developed, including my grandfather, Thomas Bragg Higdon who lived in Macon County, NC. World War II came along and changed the course of Linnie's life. The Japanese occupied the Philippines. See The Rescue of Linnie Higdon Hodges in World War II There is a newspaper article about this period of Linnie’s life that I wish someone would send us in order that we could reprint it in the Higdon Newsletter. I saw it when I visited Linnie’s two sisters, Sade Higdon Roscoe and Era Higdon Boman in Greenville, Texas, on 18 Aug 1974, both delightful women, tall with hazel blue eyes." (Higdon Family Newsletter, #75, March 1978 )

See The Rescue of Linnie Higdon Hodges in World War II from Lest We Forget: A Memoir of the Philippine Liberation Campaign, by Lt. Col. Carlos A. Keasler, U. S. Army Retired, to get details of Linne Jane Hodges life at the end of the war.

Linnie Higdon Hodges wrote A Brief History of One Branch of the Higdon Family in 1936. This book refers to the branch of Leonard Dean Higdon (b.1828) and Mary Ann McClure. 

More about Linnie Higdon Hodges:

Descended from Leonard Higdon, of Anson County, NC, Linnie Jane and her sister, Era Alice, mentioned above, were daughters of Nimrod and Louise Safronia Gaston Higdon, who settled in Quinlan, Hunt County, Texas. In Opal Willis’ Leonard Higdon of North Carolina Known Descendants 1755-1986. Pioneer Families of America. (Salt Lake City, 1987), Linnie writes about her hard childhood on the 1000 acres of farmland: “We children worked in the fields, hoed and picked cotton, gathered corn, milked many cows, fed hogs and were slaves in our childhood days. Out of the eight children, most of us got through school and went to college. All of the girls taught school or did office work. The boys attended the University or agricultural College and turned out fairly well. (pp. 95-96)

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