Smith, Frances HIgdon, 2012-2013 HFA President

Frances HIgdon Smith

Frances Higdon Smith, 2012-2013 Past President 

Frances Higdon Smith is the daughter of Winnie and Albert G. Higdon. Albert's father was Bodie John Higdon who married Corrie Floyd Howell. As a young man, Bodie taught school and became a preacher. Frances can trace her ancestry to Daniel Higdon of Charles City County, Virginia. 

Frances attended Sanford University. She married Shelby Smith, a missionary widower with five children. They moved to Trinidad, West Indies. In addition to trying to mother, Frances taught music. In 1980, they moved to El Paso, Texas where Frances worked as an editor for adult Sunday school curriculum material. While serving as President of the HFA, Frances was also the newsletter editor. 

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