Childs, Yvonne - 3rd Generation Military

Yvonne Childs

Yvonne Childs, 3rd Generation Military

At Left from left: Mother Barbara and daughter Yvonne

Below: Yvonne’s grandmother: Margaret Wessie Higdon Logsdon

In November 2002, Yvonne Childs wrote to the Higdon Family Association to help her mother, who is researching her family tree. Yvonne's mother is Barbara Logsdon who was born to Margaret Wessie Higdon and William Lawrence Logsdon. Fortunately for Yvonne, she had the luck to be born into a Higdon family line that has been well documented. Newsletter Editor Lisa Atkins was able to quickly put together a file that shows Yvonne's link to John (b.1657 - d.1723) and Millicent Higdon, who were married about 1692 in St. Mary's County, Maryland.

Wessie Higdon Logsdon

Through continued correspondence with HFA Technologist Nancy Higdon, it was learned that Yvonne is a member of the United States Coast Guard. Both of her grandfathers served in both World Wars. Her maternal grandfather William Lawrence Logsdon was a highly decorated war veteran. Yvonne followed in her father's footsteps by joining the United States Navy in 1982. Her father Gene N. Cole is a 23-year veteran of the United States Navy.

Yvonne entered the Navy at a time when women were just breaking into career ranks normally held only by men due to the physical demands of those jobs. She left the Navy in 1989 with over seven year's of service, a purple card veteran. Yvonne signed up for the Coast Guard in 1991 during the 100-day war. She has fought hard to be career military like her father and will achieve 20 years of service on May 05, 2003. In her current assignment, Yvonne creates purchase descriptions and specifications for unique equipment used by the Coast Guard. She is now based in Maryland. Yvonne holds the ranks of BM2 (Boatswain Mate 2nd Class) and SK2 (Storekeeper 2nd Class). She enjoys serving her country and can tell a sea story better than ole Davy Jones.

Margaret Wessie Higdon was the last child born to James Zachary Higdon and Senia Ann (Layman) Higdon. James Zachary Higdon was born April 14, 1863 in Grayson County,KY and died July 13, 1944 at Leitchfield, KY. He married Senia Layman on January 16,1900 in Grayson Co, KY

Their children were:

  • Paul Higdon, born 1895.
  • Mary Hester Higdon, born April 1896 in Grayson County, KY
  • Francis Walker Higdon, born February 18, 1901 in Grayson County, KY
  • Agnes Higdon, born 1902 in Grayson County, KY
  • Trecia A Higdon, born 1903 in Grayson County, KY
  • Clara Nolene Higdon, born October 14,1904 in Grayson County KY
  • James Riley Higdon, born July 11, 1906 in Grayson County,Ky
  • Cecilia Marie Higdon, born July 10, 1909 in Grayson Co, KY
  • Joseph H Higdon, born 1911 in Grayson Co, KY
  • Henry Anthony Higdon, born June 10, 1912 in Grayson County, KY
  • Pearl Higdon, born October 01, 1914 in Grayson County, KY
  • Rex Jerome Higdon, born April 06,1916 in Grayson County, KY
  • Margaret Wessie Higdon, born July 03,1919 in Grayson County, KY

Wessie married William Lawrence Logsdon on August 24, 1940 in Hardin County, KY. They had three children: Barbara, Mary, and Richard. 

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