Higdon, Charles (b.1839) - and Elizabeth Tapscott

Terry Higdon of Alabama sent the following picture to us. He’s sure the photo was taken before 1910, because Sarah Higdon died in 1910.

Top row from left: Matilda Belle Higdon Dutton, Susan E. Higdon Wildman, Sarah Delia Higdon Smith, George Edward Higdon, Benjamin Franklin Higdon. Bottom row from left: Elizabeth Rachel Higdon, James T. Higdon, Willie Higdon

Terry included a descendant chart. A portion appears below:

  • Charles Higdon 1839-1904
    • Married first Nancy P. McCurley b. 1828
      1. Felix Higdon
    • Second marriage Elizabeth Rachel Tapscott 1854-1939
      1. James T. Higdon 1872-1944
      2. Joseph Robert Higdon 1874-1934
      3. Willis Higdon 1875-1926
      4. Cicero Columbus Higdon 1876-1963
      5. Soloman Higdon 1879-1973
      6. Matilda Belle Higdon 1880-1951
      7. Susan E. Higdon 1882-1939
      8. Sarah Higdon 1886-1910
      9. Benjamin Franklin Higdon 1887-1946
      10. John O. Higdon 1889-1904
      11. Harvey Higdon 1890-
      12. George Edward Higdon 1891-1970
      13. Luther Higdon 1893

Terry is a direct descendant of George Edward Higdon, and he has three sons: Andrew, Brent, and Michael.

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