Higdon, Decatur Calvin

A partial genealogy is below the photographs.

Decatur Calvin Higdon

Decatur Calvin Higdon is the man on the left. The others are unidentified.

David Arthur Higdon with his brother

David Arthur Higdon is on the left. His brother Samuel Randall Higdon is on the right. The photo was probably taken in the late 1920s. 

David Arthur Higdon with his wife

David Arthur Higdon with his wife Audia May (Armstrong) Higdon The picture was taken about 1950. 

In February 2003, Danny Higdon of Florida writes that he noticed the web page for Thomas Walker Higdon. Danny's great grandfather is Decatur Calvin Higdon, a brother of Thomas Walker Higdon.

Based on Danny's notes, the family line of Decatur Calvin Higdon is as follows:

1. John Higdon was born 1798 in NC or VA. He married Nancy Moses.

Child of John Higdon and Nancy Moses is:

  • James Blackburn Higdon, b. May 06, 1824; d. August 17, 1884.

2. James Blackburn Higdon (John 1) was born May 06, 1824, and died August 17, 1884. He married Caroline Grace Mason.

Children of James Higdon and Caroline Mason are:

  • Decatur Calvin Higdon.
  • Thomas Walker Higdon.
  • Samuel Higdon.
  • Blackburn Higdon.
  • James Leon Higdon.

3. Decatur Calvin Higdon (James Blackburn2, John1). He married (1) Emmaline Lane. He married (2) Theodocia Dempsey.

Children of Decatur Higdon and Emmaline Lane are:

  • Samuel Randal Higdon, b. December 19, 1882, Higdon, Alabama; d. January 23, 1956, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • Molly Higdon.
  • Isadore Higdon.
  • Sally Higdon.
  • David Arthur Higdon. (Danny's grandfather)
  • Frankie Higdon.
  • James Higdon.

Child of Decatur Higdon and Theodocia Dempsey is:

  • Susie Mae Higdon.  

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