Higdon, Lewis Lefferts “Dude" (b.1907)

Lewis Lefferts "Dude" Higdon

Lewis Lefferts Higdon was born 03-22-1907 in Macon County, North Carolina. He died 01-21-1998. Lewis married Ila Edith Elliott on 12-21-1929.

Denton Higdon of North Carolina writes Lewis Lefferts "Dude" Higdon almost reached 91. He was a dear old man who rolled his on cigarettes as you can see in the photo. Uncle Dude was a farmer and a country gentleman who loved God and his family.

Lewis is from the Higdon/Hoffman family line, whose many descendants have lived into their 90s. His parents were Thomas Bragg Higdon and Lula Shepherd.

These were his ancestors:

  • Leonard Higdon born 1760 in Anson County, North Carolina, died 09-11-1837, married Susanna Harris 03-17-1791
  • Leonard Higdon born 05-10-1795, died about 1860, married Eva Hoffman, 12-12-1815
  • William Huffman Higdon born 09-14-1816, died 05-05-1903, married first wife Jane Buchanan 12-02-1837
  • Thomas Bragg Higdon born 06-04-1855, died 02-03-1937, married third wife Lula Shepherd 03-26-1905 

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