Higdon, Thomas Bragg (b.1914)

Thomas Bragg Higdon

Thomas Bragg Higdon (b. June 04, 1855 - d. February 03, 1937) was the eleventh child born to William Huffman Higdon and Jane Buchanan Higdon. Thomas Bragg married three times and fathered eighteen children. He participated actively in community affairs in North Carolina, serving two terms as Sheriff of Macon County. 

Thomas Bragg Higdon also served as North Carolina State Representative from 1908 to 1910. During the 1909 Regular Session of the General Assembly, he served in the old House chamber in the State Capitol. 

Children of Thomas and first wife Mary Jane West:

  1. Edgar Higdon, b. August 19, 1876
  2. Nancy Higdon, b. 1878
  3. Vinnie Lee Higdon, b. January 25, 1880
  4. Mary J. Higdon, b. December 25, 1882

Children of Thomas and second wife Martha Frances Rich:

  1. Major Higdon, b. February 17, 1890
  2. Alfred Rich Higdon, b. April 21, 1891
  3. John Wannamaker Higdon, b. December 26, 1892
  4. Charles Foster Higdon, b. December 10, 1894
  5. Leslie Bragg Higdon, b. October 26, 1896
  6. Dewey Grant Higdon, b. May 25, 1898
  7. Martha Ellen Higdon, b. July 15, 1900

Children of Thomas Higdon and third wife Lula Shepherd:

  1. Tommy Higdon, b. April 16, 1906
  2. Lewis Lefferts Higdon, b. March 22, 1907
  3. Paul Buchanan Higdon, b. January 19, 1909
  4. Theodore Warren Higdon, b. December 24, 1911
  5. Thomas Bragg Higdon, b. March 13, 1914
  6. David Grayson Higdon, b. February 11, 1917
  7. Samuel Higdon, b. January 14, 1920

1900 Swearing in day for Sheriff Thomas Bragg Higdon and his deputies

Sheriff Thomas Bragg Higdon

Denton Higdon of North Carolina sent this photo of his grandfather Sheriff Thomas Bragg "T.B." Higdon and his deputies on the day in 1900 that they were sworn into office. "T. B." is the tall one in the middle. (Denton is the son of Samuel Higdon.)

Thomas Bragg Higdon was Sheriff of Macon County, North Carolina, from 1900 through 1904. His father, William Huffman Higdon, was Sheriff before him. Denton says, "They both used the same old stand up desk when they were in office. That desk is in my living room right now. I’ve had it for about ten years.”

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