Higdon, William Huffman (b.1816) - with his wife Jane Buchanan Higdon

Higdon, William Huffman - with his wife Jane Buchanan Higdon

William Huffman Higdon was the firstborn child of Leonard and Eve Huffman (Hoffman) Higdon. William was born September 14, 1816, in (Old) Burke County, North Carolina. He died May 05, 1903 at Higdonville, Macon County, North Carolina.

He married Jane “Jincy" Buchanan on December 2, 1837 [photo at right]. Jane was born in September 1814, in (Old) Burke County, North Carolina, daughter of James and Martha Black Buchanan. Jane died March 12, 1891, at Higdonville. Both Jane and William are buried at Sugar Fork Baptist Church Cemetery, Cullasaja, North Carolina.

He married Charlotte Mathis (born June 5, 1870) [photo below right] on February 12, 1896. Charlotte and William had no children.

Higdon, William Huffman and Charlotte Mathias Higdon

According to the book Descendants of Joseph Huffman Higdon and Margaret Matilda Berry Higdon by Jessie Higdon Wilkie, William and Jane had eleven children:

  1. Martha Jane (Mattie) Higdon, b. April 17, 1838; d. February 1, 1902; m. February 23, 1858, to John Ammons
  2. Joseph Huffman (Joe) Higdon, b. July 25, 1839; d. January 1, 1909; m. September 24, 1865, to Margaret Matilda Berry
  3. Nameless twin, b. July 25, 1839; d. July 25, 1839
  4. William Washington (Big) Higdon, b. December 27, 1841; d. May 8, 1911; m. to Lydia Jane Moore
  5. Eve Higdon, b. October 15, 1844; d. June 26, 1871; (not married)
  6. Elizabeth (Bette) Higdon, b. February 22, 1846; d. October 7, 1920; m. _____ to Alex Holbrook
  7. Margaret (Marg) Higdon, b. May 10, 1847; d. February 17, 1934; m. October 1, 1871, to James Kennedy Bryson
  8. Samuel Alexander Higdon, b. January 13, 1849; d. July 23, 1926; m. to Harriett Berry, who died September 22, 1943.
  9. Joshua A. Higdon, b. November 1, 1850; d. April 23, 1911; m. January 6, 1876, to Lou Annie Coggins
  10. Mary Elender (Sis) Higdon1, b. September 26, 1852; d. July 10, 1932; m. _____ to James Gribble
  11. Thomas Bragg (Bragg) Higdon, b. June 4, 1855; d. February 3, 1937; m. August 7, 187_, (first) to Mary Jane (Molly) West; (second) October 16, 1888, to Martha Frances (Pattie) Rich; (third) March 26, 1905, to Lula Shepherd

William Huffman Higdon served a 2-year term as Sheriff of Macon County starting in 1888.

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