Linnie Jane Higdon Hodges - Higdon Family Newsletter, #221, May 1990

The photograph below is reprinted from Higdon Family Newsletter, #221, May 1990. This same newsletter reads:

Bonnie Higdon Reaves sent these pictures which she said were made in 1913 by Linnie Higdon Hodges and her husband Newton Hodges. Bonnie says, "They had just completed a honeymoon trip around the world and stopped by to see us on their way back to Texas. It was November and Grandma (Mary Ann McClure) was very ill. She died a few days later. The pictures were taken in front of Grandpa’s house.”

From left: Mary E. Higdon, Leonard Higdon, Linnie Higdon Hodges, Mary Long, Jack Hammock.

Left to right- Mary E. Higdon, Leonard Higdon, Linnie Higdon Hodges, Mary Long, Jack Hammock. copy

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