Carol Vaughan Oldham help request re: Lottie Mae Higdon Abrams

Dear Ms.Higdon:

Are we related? Who knows? But imagine my chagrin when I found your HFA website and noted your last reunion was in Ft Worth, Texas, 20 miles from where I call home.

My mom is Goldie Mae Abrams Vaughan DOB: 1/20/1930 Clarks, La. Her mom is Lottie Mae Higdon Abrams DOB: 8/27/1899 or more likely 1902 Her parents are: James Haston Higdon DOB: Feb. 1861 in Alabama who married Josephine Beavers DOB: January 1864 Louisiana

The family story is such (as told by my mom's 1st cousins who are still of sound mind at 92) that Josephine died in 1902 and that Lottie Mae Higdon was cared for by Myra Higdon and her husband Luther Peters. We believe Myra to be a half sister via James and his 1st wife, Susan Averette.

James' parents are:
Joseph Munson HIGDON

b. 1841 (GA)
d. 1887
Minerva COTTON
b. about 1844 (AL)
d. between 1861-1870

Could there possibly be a tie-in here to your family tree. I am on researching my family names. It's a great search and lots of fun, but we are starting to hit a few brick walls down the Higdon line.

Any info whether it's a YES we are related or sadly, NO we are not on the same Higdon line, would be greatly appreicated.

Carol Vaughan Oldham

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