Sherrie Diane Williamson-Higdon help request

Request for Information on Reese Sabastian Higdon

Sherrie Diane Williamson-Higdon

Good morning….my name is Sherrie Diane Williamson-Higdon, wife of Larry Kenn Higdon…. 


Leonard Higdon IV (wife - Mary Ann McClure)….

Reese Sabastian “Bass” Higdon (wife - Señora Adeline Fain)….

William Emery Higdon (wife - Ola Estelle Reeves)….

William Aubrey Higdon (wife - Euphia Arlene Nunn)….

Larry Kenn Higdon (wife - Sherrie Diane Williamson)….  

 My husband would like to know more about his Great Grandfather Reese Sabastian Higdon. If you know of any living relatives that might know something, would you please pass on my email info to them? If the Higdon Association is interested, I have a picture of William Emery Higdon with his 7 children...  

back row from left: William Emory Higdon, William Aubrey, Jerry Lafone, Pat Duanefront 

front row at far right: Opal Estelle - not sure of the order of the other three sisters

Opal Estelle Higdon b. 1909

William Aubrey Higdon b. 1911
Mary Adeline Higdon b. 1914
Pauline Mae Higdon b. 1917
Wilma Lucile Higdon b. 1920
Jerry Lafone Higdon b. 1930
Pat Dewain Higdon b. 1932

William Emory Higdon (Adobe PDF format), there are several pages shown in this link below that were hand written by Opal Higdon-Hefley 

Kenn and Sherrie Higdon
610 S Maddox
Dumas, Texas 79029
Sherrie and Kenn Higdon

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