Letters from Ted

Currently we have 19 letters mainly to Katie and Janie during World War II from Uncle Ted. Several other letters to different family members are mixed in with the majority of letters to Ted’s two little sisters. Each letter, after transliterating the handwriting into typed font, is stored in a glassine envelope in chronological order of mailing. The glassine envelopes are not sealed to allow some moisture to get into the paper to help stop desication. On the outside of the glassine envelopes is a sticker with the date of mailing (if the letter has an envelope) or the date of writing (if there is no envelope), along with the dimensions of the envelope (if any) and the dimensions of the paper used to write on and the number of pages in the letter. Uncle Ted told his little sister Katie that when he was in the Army, all his letters would be read by censors for security reasons. He told Katie that if anything bad were to happen, he would write a very brief note to her, and would then paste a stamp over the note. When Katie received a letter with a stamp, she steamed the stamp off to read any notes that may have been hidden there. If you read through all the letters you will that some letters did indeed contain notes with bad news.

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