News article concerning Pfc. Thomas Theodore Higdon's death in combat

undated newspaper clipping, initial interrment

Newspaper article TRANSCRIPTION:

Late County Soldier Buried in Luxembourg

Mrs. William Higdon, who lives on Route 2, Lebanon (Ky.), has received a letter furnishing some details regarding the death of her son Pfc. Thomas Higdon, who was killed in action in Germany on February 16. Written by Chaplain John Downing of the Infantry unit to which Pfc. Higdon was attached, the letter states that the late soldier was interred in a marked grave in an American military cemetery in Luxembourg following appropriate rites conducted by a Catholic chaplain.

Pfc. Higdon was engaged with his unit in an important front line near Borg, Germany, when he met his death, the message says. “His company jumped off early in the morning with six pillboxes as their objective. In the half dark, his companions saw him advance until struck down by small arms fire. He died instantly. The chaplain expresses hope that his family will be “relieved by the knowledge that Pfc. Higdon was doing his duty and accomplished much by his unselfish death. Generations will owe to him, and those like him, their freedom and their peace.”

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