1944-04-10 - letter E - envelope 3.625 X 6.25


Thirteenth Letter dated: 1944-04-10

letter E - envelope 3.625 X 6.25 & 5 pages - 3 X 5.5 bifolded on 5.5 X 9 paper

Tommy told Winnie that he would use a code “April Fools” to notify her when he left a message that would not be seen by the military censors, under the postage stamp. When Winnie saw the code, she was to steam off the stamp to read his short note. This note tells Winnie he had been shipped to southwest Great Britain. Winnie just decided to steam off all the stamps, if the letter was sent with one.

note under stamp

Iam in Swan...

South Wale...

near London

150 Miles north...

London Ted.

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