Roberts, Verna Davis - Age 95

Verna Davis Roberts - Age 95

Verna Davis Roberts

Verna Davis Roberts was born 02-23-1907 in the Oklahoma Territory. She died 02-06-2002 just a few days shy of her 95th birthday. Her funeral service included Cherokee and Potowatomi prayers. Verna was a longtime member in the HFA.

Verna's parents were Luther Gaston Davis and Winnie Moore Davis. These were Verna's ancestors:

  • Leonard Higdon born 05-10-1795, died about 1860, married Eva Hoffman, 12-12-1815
  • Eleazer Elijah Higdon born 06-05-1818, died 10-22-1871, married (second wife) Melissa Flovilla Blevins 01-31-1855 in Meigs County, TN
  • Laura Gertrude Higdon born 10-19-1863, died 03-13-1903, married John Davis 12-12-1882
  • Luther Gaston Davis born 10-06-1883, died 01-12-1958, married Winnie Ora Moore 12-03-1904

Note that Verna is from the same family line, Higdon/Hoffman, whose many descendants have lived into their 90s. 

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