A Higdon and A Hound Dog Meet A Man

Subject: Uncle Lefferts “Dude" Higdon

From: Denton Higdon

Date: Sunday, November 4, 2012 7:06 AM

I was cleaning out my mother and father's house recently and ran across this newspaper clipping about my Uncle and his family. This story took place in the Cat Creek community of Macon County, NC.

After the fact Dude’s brothers thought it humorous and made up funny stories about the encounter. One of the stories I remember them telling was that Dude made the prisoner hold his arms up until the Sheriff arrived. Well by the time Sheriff Harry Thomas showed up the prisoner was so tired and scared he hugged the Sheriff and said he was never so glad to see the law in his life. Franklin, NC

Franklin Press clipping dated 9/18/1952 about my Uncle Lefferts (Dude) Higdon encounter with an escaped convict.

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