A Letter to Santa in 1925

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(clean text of newspaper article)

Ellijay, N. C.

Dear Santa Claus: I am a little boy five years old. I’ve been a good boy and haven’t missed a day of school. I want you to bring me a tricycle,  a harp and a knife, beside candy, oranges and nuts. Your little friend. — Sam Higdon.


Elijah, N. C. 

Dear Santa: As I have been reading the letters the little girls and boys have been writing you, I thought I would write too. I am a little girl nine years old, going to school. I am in the second grade. Now I will tell you what I want for Christmas.  I want a mamma doll, a tea set, pair of scissors, a doll bed, pack of water colors, pencils, apples, candy, oranges and nuts, a pair of gloves, so I will ring off. Give the rest a chance. Good luck to you. — Ruby Ammons.

The top letter was written in 1925 by Sam Higdon as a child. Sam is the father of  Denton Higdon, long-time contributor to the Higdon Family Association Newsletter and Website. This clipping is from the Franklin Press, a newspaper in the largest town near Ellijay, both places in Macon County, North Carolina.

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