2019 HFA Scholarship Winners

The Scholarship Committee, chaired by William R. “Bill” Higdon, of Moon, VA, has chosen as its winners four young people from Georgia, Maryland, and Kentucky to receive this year’s awards. They are Holley Adams, of Rydal, GA; Morgan Leonard, of Newburg, MD;  Madeline Marie Sparks, of Bardstown, KY; and Dalton Powell, of Fort Thomas, KY; . All of them made very good grades in school, participated in extra-curricular activities, and served their communities in various ways. 

Holley Adams 2

Halley Claire Adams, who has worked as a baby sitter and at her family’s car business, plans to major in Secondary History Education at Reinhardt University in Waleska, GA. Her parents are Chad and Paula Brannon Adams. She is descended from Ed Higdon (1895-1985), her great grandfather, who was a long-time member of the Higdon Family Association. Her grandmother was Jessie Ruth Higdon Brannon, a daughter of Mr. Edd (as he was called) and Dollie Williamson Higdon. 

Morgan Leonard

Morgan Leonard, who is currently attending Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, FL, is preparing to go into the field of Ocean Engineering when she graduates. She received the HFA scholarship award last year as well and has kept up her good grades in college. An avid lacrosse player for eleven years, she now is a member of the Florida Institute of Technology team. Her mother, Kimberly Nicole Higdon Leonard is the daughter of Gerald Norris Higdon, HFA member of Port Tobacco, Maryland. 

Madeline "Madie" Sparks

Madeline “Madie” Sparks plans to major in Sports Management at Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY. Her great, great grandfather is William Bernard (II) Higdon, her great grandfather is Joseph David Higdon, her grandfather is Thomas Theodore (III) Higdon, and her mother is Allison Marie “Alli” Higdon Sparks.  This is her first Higdon Family Scholarship Award.

Dalton Powell 3

Dalton Powell, is currently a sophomore at the University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, where he is pursuing a degree in Percussion Performance. His great, great grandfather is William Bernard (II) Higdon, his great grandfather is Joseph David Higdon, his grandmother is Clara Cecilia “C.C.” Higdon Powell, and his father is William David “Bill” Powell.  This is his first Higdon Family Scholarship Award.

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