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The Higdon Family Association is a voluntary association. All our officers are unpaid volunteers. If any of our members, particularly newer members, have any interest in volunteering to assist in running our HFA, we have a suitable job for you. 

At our annual association meetings, our Two-year Directors automatically become One-year Directors. So each year, we elect two new Two-year Directors. Similarly our Vice-Presidents move up one level each year. A new Third Vice President is elected every year at our association meeting and is responsible for hosting our annual meeting when he or she, three years later, becomes President. The outgoing President becomes the Parliamentarian. 

Our other positions, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Newsletter Editor, Necrologist, and Web Technologist, are held for as long as the person volunteers to perform such tasks, and are approved by the association members to serve as an officer. Our Necrologist reports on the deaths of Higdon family descendants and honors them with a short memorial service at the each of our annual meetings. All of our officers are part of the Executive Board and are expected to attend the annual meetings of the association. 

You must be a member in good standing with the Higdon Family Association and be at least eighteen years old to be an officer. We are a non-profit organization. Please contact the Nominations Committee Chair by email during the year, or in person at our annual meetings, if you are interested in volunteering for our upcomingt year.

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