1976-1977 HFA Newsletter Editor Jo Ann Smith

Jo Ann Smith 1976-1977 HFA Newsletter Editor

Jo Ann Smith has a life-long interest in history and government. She is the daughter of Ellen and Robert Nathan Smith. She is married to H. A. "Jack" Smith. Both of her grandfathers served in the North Carolina General Assembly. Her maternal grandfather, Thomas Bragg Higdon of Macon County, North Carolina, served two terms as sheriff and one term as member of the House of Representatives. Her paternal grandfather, Lewis J. Smith of Jackson County, North Carolina, served as register of deeds and as a State Senator. He also was a founder of Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, North Carolina. To read more about Jo Ann, check out her biography. Since Jo Ann was the moving force behind the founding of the Higdon Family Association, also please check out the HFA Origins page.

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