1980 Banquet Attendees

1980 Banquet Attendees

From left, front row: Pat Diehl, Irene Slagle, Bob Higdon, Bonnie Reaves, Charles E. Higdon, Ethel Higdon, Edd Higdon, Dot Owens, Priscilla Higdon, Lisa Atkins 

Second row: Jenny Nave, Durelle Higdon, Mary Ann Nickell, Jessie Wilkie, Christine Cook, Lois Keener, Barbara Nave, Rachel Higdon, Julie Freeman, Jo Ann Smith, Helen Allison, Darrin Higdon, Mary Higdon, Billy Higdon, Teresa Atkins, Karen Fickes 

Back row: Tom Nave, Reese Higdon, Mildred Higdon, Chuck Higdon, C. H. Nave, Helen Higdon, Douglas Smith, Joe Nave, Solon Freeman, Jessie Higdon Brannon, Betty Higdon, Jimmy Higdon, Bill Higdon, Leonard Higdon, Steve Fickes  

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