1984-1985 HFA James Dean Higdon

James Dean "Jim" Higdon

James Dean Higdon, better known as "Jim," was born in Franklin, North Carolina, on September 21, 1924. Jim's parents were Vernon Dean and Jeter Conley Higdon. Jim's wife is the former Betty Louise Phillips of West Virginia. In his spare time, Jim enjoyed designing and building special purpose machines, gardening, beekeeping, making walnut furniture, and square dancing.

To learn more about Jim, read his biography.

This is Jim's family line:

  • Leonard Higdon of Anson County, N.C.
  • His son Leonard Higdon (1754-1834), a Revolutionary War soldier of Anson County, N.C.
  • His son Leonard Higdon (1795-1818)
  • His son William Huffman Higdon (1816-1903)
  • His son Joseph Huffman Higdon (1838-1909) 
  • His son James Leonard Higdon (1870 - 1949)
  • His son Jeter Conley Higdon (1895-1975). 

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