2000-2001 HFA Newsletter Editor Janice J. Higdon

Janice J. Higdon B

Janice J. Higdon is a native Texan. She is the only daughter of Jean and Dain Higdon. While young, she and her two older brothers and parents lived in the big city of San Antonio, Texas  

In her early 30s, Janice moved to New York City where she was introduced to the Higdon Family Reunions. Her parents and aunts had always attended, but 1985 was the first HFA Reunion for her. She drove from New York City to Waldorf, Maryland. While there she presented a slideshow about San Antonio, Texas, encouraging people to come to San Antonio, for the 1986 annual meeting when her Dad, W. Dain Higdon, was to be President. At the 1986 meeting, she served as a gopher and tour guide. She has attended all the HFA meetings since 1997. Janice has served as the editor of the newsletter; she published the news from October 1998 through September 2002. She has served as a director and has worked her way through the Vice President chairs to become President of the association.

To learn more about Janice, please read her biography.

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