HFA Shirts!

HFA Shirts!

Seated on floor at center: Dolores Day 

From left, seated or kneelingTeresa Atkins, Emma Joe Higdon, Frank B. Higdon, Helen Allison, Winnie Higdon, Lisa Atkins 

From left standing, the women: Jo Ann Smith, Janice M. Higdon, Nancy A. Higdon, Barbara Higdon, Frances Smith, Eva Wood, Julie Kilgore, Bonnie Atkins, Nina Ruth Vaughan, Jean Higdon, Gale Tyrrell 

From left standing, the men: Jack Smith, Charles E. Higdon, Charles P. Higdon, Bill Higdon, Paul Brown, Ernie Higdon, L. Frank Higdon, Clyde Higdon, Eugene Smith
The photographer apparently was: Janice J. Higdon (not shown) 

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