Les and Pat Higdon at Graceland Inn Restaurant

02 Les and Pat Higdon at Graceland Inn Restaurant

Following the welcome reception at the Tedfords, a small group of the attendees met at the Graceland Inn Restaurant located in a former Senator's home that is located on the Davis & Elkins College campus. Les and Pat Higdon (shown above), Barbara and Sidney Tedford, Eva Wood and her friend Delores Elliot and Janice J. Higdon had a beautiful evening of dinner and discussion on the veranda of the restaurant.

Thursday was a day of sightseeing for early bird arrivals to the reunion or they could meet with other members of the HFA. Eva Wood, Delores Elliot and Janice Higdon took a ride on the Mountain Rail Train up the mountain and back. Several people gathered in the afternoon to exchange stories and genealogy in the Hospitality Room. Possibilities for entertainment included the American Mountain Theatre which was a variety show that was very entertaining.

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